Design - Finish App

Design process involves a lot of creative and critical thinking ;). I have no degree or an expert in Graphic design. However, with the observations and references to many user interfaces, I have developed a sense of design myself.

My first iOS app - Finish required me to create so many drafts.

Be it right or wrong, good or bad, I thought it would be interesting to share those. 


User Interface of iOS Reminder app

With the stock reminder app that comes with iOS, users have to scroll indefinitely to set a date, month and year. It takes continuous scrollto choose a date.


Note: Nowadays, no one have to deal with touch or mouse to set a reminder. Asking Siri, Alexa or any voice assistant to set a reminder will solve the above problem.

With that above scenario as a problem statement, I decided to create an interface that takes only a few taps to choose a date, month and an year (and to make the world a better place ;) ).

Here are a few of my works that I drafted for the app.

Time Dial - Draft to Design.

Home screen - Draft to Design

Month view - Draft to Design